Sunday, August 10, 2008

How to use this method.

I'll admit that I've written most of my posts for people who are familiar with Remembering the Kanji. Well if you're a beginner and you just want to know how it's done, this post is for you.

Everything you need is in this file mirror. It includes the following:

A list of kanji sorted by onyomi.
A list of components that make up the kanji (a file for components that are kanji themselves, and one for components that are not).
A font that is needed to view the kanji component list.

This list of kanji includes the 2045 kanji presented in James Heisig's Remembering the Kanji, and will be your main guide to learning kanji.

Memorize the components
After downloading the files, you have to at least be familiar with all of the components listed in the "kanji basics" and "kanji components" files before using my system. I've given them all suggested meanings already, but I'd recommend you change them to suit you best. (If you do change them, be sure to assign them meanings that are tangible and easy to imagine. Make sure objects not too big or too small.)

Start learning
Use the kanji list file and start learning kanji. Memorize one group of onyomi at a time and give that group a good movie (more on how to choose movies later). Be sure you use a Spaced Repetition program to review, I recommend anki for this purpose. As for how you would go about memorizing the kanji, I'd recommend you read these posts in this order for a complete understanding of how it works:
What is the Movie Method?
Ordering of the kanji, is it that important?
Sample movie - Pulp Fiction.

I was able to finish in at a rate of 50/day. But this is a little extreme. So don't worry if you do less than that a day, the important thing is to be doing it. And be sure to keep up your reviews.


  1. Um, could you _please_ post your lists in a *normal* format? Not everyone has and wants to have Excel.

    .txt please.

  2. can open xls just fine.

  3. Since when is Excel anything but normal? Hardly an exotic filetype..

    Thanks for this! I'm finishing up RTK right now and I think the Movie Method might be my next step, followed by Kanji Odyssey 2K1, before finally diving into AJATT-style sentence mining.

  4. I downloaded everything, but on kanji components, sheet2 is all symbols. Just sheet 2!! Everything else is fine and shows the actual characters.

    What do I do? How do I fix this? What do I do with the font thing I downloaded - do I have to save it to a certain place or something?!? Because I just don't get it.
    and why is it just the one page that doesn't show right?!?

  5. You have to install the font pack.

  6. okay I've figured out how to install the font pack. I had never learned how to before, and no one had ever explained.
    Thank you very, very much for putting this together!! I really am grateful. :)

  7. Thanks for the work you've put into this.I've tailored the primatives to myself and I'm just about to embark seriously on your method. I just have one question: Do you recommend learning stroke order as you go through your method? Or is that a task for later. Thank you.

  8. I kinda just learned them as I go. When I was writing them over and over again, I got curious on how to write certain ones. Eventually you learn the patterns and can guess at them fairly accurately.

  9. Umm... can you do something about the file?

  10. I am extremely interested in trying out your method and have heard great things about it. But, was shut down, any chance of you re-posting that file? Thanks :)

  11. I also want to see your files, can you please upload them again? :(


  13. Hi Alysk. The link for download seems invalid. Can you plz advise another way?


  15. This seems really useful! Thanks for putting it together. It's surprising how difficult it is to find a list of kanji components with meanings online.

    Here's a link to the font package for anyone who needs it:

  16. Argh the font was in the original zip file, didn't notice that ;)

    I feel dumb. lol


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