Saturday, August 9, 2008

Learning multiple onyomi with characters.

This a very simple procedure. When kanji has multiple onyomi, you incorporate a character from the movie associated with the reading into the scene. For example, when I remember two readings for "child" (the one with the kunyomi 'ko'), I learned it primarily as 'SHI'. So I put the kanji in my location and learn it. But it also has a reading of 'SU'. When this happens, I simply have to take a character from my movie for SU, and incorporate it into the scene to remember both readings. Simple and effective.

A different way would be to remember the kanji in both movies, but it's a bit weird remembering two locations for each kanji.

Added: So when I refer to a 'character' that you incorporate into the SHI movie from the SU movie, I mean a movie character. As in, a character played by an actor.


  1. I don't really understand this post. You learn it first as "SHI" and afterwards you take one kanji from "SU" and incorporate that kanji into the scene from "Child" in the movie "SHI" ???
    Isn't that confusing?
    Or am I waaay not getting it? Please explain! xD

  2. I am understanding this more, This post is not very discriptive. So my brain naturally will see this out of place character in the story, and FLAG that he is an alternate reading. Really strong method. So when you learn a kanjis reading you learn all the alternative ones at the same time so you don't have to add later. In the post you made it sound like you did it at seperately, just adding the character in later.

  3. Can anybody upload a clip with some kanji embedded to help demystify this approach for me? Even just a 30-second clip and 1 single kanji would suffice... Thanks.

  4. TOOO much effort, and nobody understands it except me.

    This is what you do. Let's say SHI is located in the movie The Exorcist. I put it in the living room, she's playing with her child. But it also has the reading SU, which is the movie My Cousin Vinny, a Lawyer movie. So I take Joe Pesci (who's in My Cousin Vinny) and have him playing with the kid along with the people in The Exorcist. The people serve as indicators for the readings. Dig?


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