Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reader's sample movie - 007

Here's Nukemarine's example of a movie. He uses his own primitives, so I have added the names of primitives used in my primitive file in {}:

Here's one of mine. I thought it'd be easier if I organized the kanji in the movie order, so it's easier to recall all of them.

[ダイ Die Another Day]

大 large
題 topic
台 pedestal
代 substitute
第 No.

You see the James Bond in caught by a [大 large] dog.

In the prison scene, you see the female guard take a bamboo stick and whack Bond, asking WHAT is your [第 No.] and name little brother? (You see the lady with a BAMBOO stick making DOLLAR signs on Bond). {Bamboo, bow, stick, tail}

After the credits, you see Bond crossing the bridge, exchanging looks with the diamond face guy. They are being [代 substitute] with each other is a prisoner exchange (you see BATMAN guarding both with an ARROW at the ready). {iMac, arrow}

In debrief, where Bond has a beard and no shirt, M takes the newspaper and whacks Bond (JUST SO) on the (HEAD) saying Have you scene this headline[題 topic] , Bond?). Your capture weakened us. {Sun, sewing machine; shellfish with a dripping plate}

Lastly, being sent to Iceland, Bond sees this enormous ice statue, which he has his sonic ring destroy leaving just ELBOW, MOUTH laying on the large [台 pedestal] {Robot arm, mouth}