Sunday, January 18, 2009

My life after the Movie Method

Completing this method has helped me so much with my Japanese. I attribute quite a bit of my progress to having completed this method. Here are some of the benefits:
  • Not only do I recognize kanji as familiar elements, I can recognize the phonetics of words as familiar sounds. I never get kanji with multiple readings confuzed.
  • Kanij compounds have become ridiculously easy to understand and remember. Long sentences with multiple unknown words are cake. For example: "造化正統の神胤を此大地上に降臨せしめ" has only three words that are kunyomi "神胤" and '此' with two of these being already known.
  • Because the phonetics are so easy to remember, I can focus on the meaning of words. I rarely have trouble remembering meanings.
  • Being able to recognize the phonetic components has made reading much easier to read and also can occasionally help to recognize new kanji.
  • Not to mention the tremendous help it gives when looking up words I can't copy/paste.
Knowing the onyomi and kanji has been so helpful, I can't imagine my Japanese with out it. How many people can be said to be able read full blown novels in Japanese after only a couple months?